The Rector's Letter - February 2018
The Churches of St Lawrence,
All Saints, Little Bookham

Spring is coming!

Which is your favourite season? Personally I find beauty in all four, but of course spring has a special feel when new life is so evident. The bulbs are showing themselves in my garden with buds full of promise. The perennials are bright green and still maintaining a tidy appearance. And on journeys into the countryside the first lambs can be enjoyed, frolicking in the fields. In springtime, all of nature seems to emphasise the Christian message of new life and hope for the future.

At the beginning of April, we mark the most important of Christian festivals – that of Easter, when new life bursts forth with the promise of eternal life for all. In the garden the spring bulbs have been in darkness throughout the winter, but nothing can prevent them reaching for the light in the spring. Christ’s death and burial brought in darkness and yet nothing could prevent his resurrection bringing the light once again.

In January, we welcomed a children’s choir from Uganda. Each child’s life has been blighted by loss or conflict. They had experienced human darkness in its worse forms, yet the Watoto charity had brought them into the light of the resurrected Christ. They can now look forward to a brighter future.

Yet many people consider Easter to be less important than Christmas. It is true that society tends to make less of a fuss about it; and yet for Christians, it is the MOST important festival. Without the death and resurrection of Christ, our faith would be a pointless legend and lacking in the life-giving hope that we believe and desire.

However, it may be that the Easter Story is not as well-known as the Christmas Story, so everyone will have a chance to refresh themselves with the details on Easter Saturday, 31st March, when Effingham’s Living Easter will again be performed around the village. Do join us – and join in – if you can.

Because of Easter, we are all walking in Christ’s light and it will be wonderful to celebrate that hope together.

Happy Easter to you all,
Your Rector,

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